Ethical practices of philosophy

case study Read the “Zappos: Stepping Forward in Stakeholder Satisfaction” case Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: 1. Analyze the manner in which Zappos’ leadership has fostered a culture of ethicalness in the company. Suggest two (2) actions that other companies can take in order to mimic this culture. 2.… Continue reading Ethical practices of philosophy


Perpetual Method Gleem Sales Corporation

             Inventory Costing   Methods—Perpetual Method Gleem Sales Corporation   uses the perpetual inventory system   On   January 1, 2015 inventory Gleem had:          2,600  units of product B with a   unit cost of $40 per unit     A   summary of purchases and sales during 2015 follows:                            Unit  Units           Unit Cost Purchased Sold        Jan. 3     1,600         Mar. 8  $44   3,000          June… Continue reading Perpetual Method Gleem Sales Corporation


GBATT’s current capital structure

In this assignment, you will write an executive summary analyzing the exchange risks, country risks, and political risks the company executive team needs to be aware of in building a manufacturing facility in Brazil. Your summary will also provide a recommendation of the location, the company should select for building a new manufacturing facility. In… Continue reading GBATT’s current capital structure

Relative approach for stock valuation

You have learned about the Price-Earnings (P-E) Multiple Approach, which is a relative approach for stock valuation, and are now ready to apply it to valuing a young but rapidly-growing publicly-held company in the biomedical sector that your company is considering to acquire.  Your target company has been in business for three years since its… Continue reading Relative approach for stock valuation


Constructive receipt doctrine

Your client, Joan, has asked about the differences between the constructive receipt doctrine and the claim of right doctrine. Explain what each doctrine is by providing an example to help them understand the differences Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you busy and do not have time to handle your assignment? Are you scared that… Continue reading Constructive receipt doctrine


Infinity Bar Contract Case Study

Page 1 of 3 ASSESSMENT 2 – LAW1100 – COMMERCIAL LAW – T3, 2020   Unit LAW1100 – Commercial Law Due date: Week 5, 17 January 2021 before 5PM (Melbourne Time) Group/individual: Individual Word count / Time provided: 2,000 words Weighting: 30% Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-2, ULO-3, ULO-4, ULO-5, ULO-6 Submission Submit via Moodle Assessment… Continue reading Infinity Bar Contract Case Study