Research paper (Minority Votes in Election 2020 or a topic similar)

Description Hello I have a 10 page double space research paper due by 12/09/2020  the topic is Minority Votes in Election 2020 or a topic similar. Perfect please include voter suppression w/voting. here are the guidelines:  GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH PROPOSALS: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Each student will write a research proposal paper worth 80 points. It will include… Continue reading Research paper (Minority Votes in Election 2020 or a topic similar)


final paper on Zen Buddhism

Description This final paper asks you to consider how much Zen Buddhism has changed over the centuries with regard to teaching and practice, by examining ideas about meditation based on what you have learned about meditation so far in the course. In this final reflection, you are asked to synthesize ideas from earlier in the course… Continue reading final paper on Zen Buddhism


Mongol Victory Over China

Description Write an essay that answers the following question.  Include a heading on the essay that contains your name, name of assignment, & date.  Use 14 font 1 ½ ” margins.  Any sources other than those provided in class require a footnote (not parenthetical).   1.Assess and discuss the reasons for, and impact of, the Mongol victory… Continue reading Mongol Victory Over China


Anthropology Article Review

Description A short 2-3 page article review about this article I attached. The following questions need to be answered in the paper. Please confirm the article you receive so I can make sure it’s the right one.  After you read your article, type up answers to the following questions in a short paper, using your… Continue reading Anthropology Article Review

The Police Response to Homelessness

Description The paper should be no longer than 10 pages (no less than 9 pages), single-spaced. This does not include the title page, reference page, and abstract. The paper must be written in Times New Roman 12 point font – 1” margins throughout. All papers must have an introductory and concluding paragraph. Paragraphs within the… Continue reading The Police Response to Homelessness


Write essays on Anceint Asia

Description Write essays that answer the following questions,  Use DOUBLE SPACE and 14 font with 1 1/2 ” margins (number your answers and put in the same file).  As usual, if you use sources other than text and lecture notes, you must provide footnotes (not parenthetical) and a bibliography for them.  Questions: 1 Discuss the… Continue reading Write essays on Anceint Asia


annoted socioautobiography Narrated PowerPoint

Description For this week’s socioautobiography Narrated PowerPoint, you will reflect on your own life story, making connections between your everyday life/life story and the broad sociocultural structures within which you live.To begin this assignment, consider your own life as you review all the textbook readings and online weekly lessons and decide which sociological concepts you… Continue reading annoted socioautobiography Narrated PowerPoint