Discussion on leadership empowerment

Address the following in a 500-750-word essay: Describe how leadership empowerment can help an organization serve its customers better. What can you do personally from a leadership perspective to help the organization serve its customers better? On a practical and individual level, how can you become a self-leader through individual learning? Based on the text,… Continue reading Discussion on leadership empowerment

Unionization and globalization

Instructions-Unit 1 Project Congratulations! You have been hired as the first director of human resources (HR) for your organization. You will create this fictional organization, which will then be used in this assignment and future assignments. For this assignment, complete the steps listed below. First, begin with an introduction that provides the name and basic… Continue reading Unionization and globalization

Self-assessment on locating oneself

Option #2: Constructing Leadership Metaphors in Written Form The notion that leadership study requires self-assessment – “locating oneself”– and introspection has been reinforced throughout this course. The construct of metaphors advances thinking by quickly linking the left and right sides of the brain (Clouse, et al., 2013) [required reading]. The use of metaphors as a… Continue reading Self-assessment on locating oneself


SignatureAssignment:WrittenCommunication,Introducedlevel Inthisassignment,yourwrittencommunicationskillswillbeassessed.Thewrittencommunication rubricwillbeusefulforthispurpose.Inthecourse,MGT302,writtencommunicationskillswillbe assessedattheintroducedlevel.InMGT407,theywillbeassessedatthereinforcedlevel.Finally,inMGT491,yourwrittencommunicationskillswillbeassessedattheemphasizedlevel.Thegrading rubricforwrittencommunicationattheundergraduatelevelhasbeendevelopedtomeasurestudent successinmeetingtheMGT302Case3expectations.Rubricsfortheothertwocoursesareincludedin theirrespectiveassignments. ThisModule3CaseAssignmenthastwofunctions.First,ithelpsyoudevelopanddemonstrateyour understandingofthetopicsinModule3.Second,itwillhelptoassessthedevelopmentofyourwritten communicationsskills.ThisCasewillbegradedusingaspecialWrittenCommunicationsRubric,which you shouldreviewbeforeyoubeginwritingtheassignment. Portland State University. (2013). PSU helps New Seasons Market reach zero waste goal! [Video file] Retrieved fromhttps://youtu.be/z3lyG4itNyQStandard YouTube License. For this assignment, your deliverable is a 3- to 4-page essay, not counting the cover or reference pages, of an analysis of the use… Continue reading WrittenCommunicationIntroducedlevel

The planning function of a project

– Subject:Fundamentals of Project Management – The recommended material for the assignment (please include all of these in the citations on the assignment):Gido, J., Clements, J., Baker, R. (2018).Successful Project Management(7thed.). CengageLearning. ISBN: 978-1-337-09547-1. Chapters 4 & 5 (view file attached). – The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines. – Answer the following essay questions:… Continue reading The planning function of a project

Discussion on todays business environment

APA format is required. References should be listed immediately after the question that is being answered. Each question lists a minimum number of unique scholarly references; the textbook is considered one unique reference (per question) regardless of how many times it is used. All references should be from the years 2007 to present day. Review… Continue reading Discussion on todays business environment

Recommend a leadership style

Assume you are on a search committee to replace the project manager for the failing complex project we have been discussing. One of the problems with the project manager was a lack of leadership. Recommend a leadership style (charismatic, transformational, coalitional, or Machiavellian) you would recommend, and why. Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you… Continue reading Recommend a leadership style