Borderline Personality Disorder

CASE ANALYSIS assignments {based on readings from Sattler, D., Shabatay, V. & Kramer, G. (Eds.) (1998), Abnormal Psychology in Context. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin} These 4 case readings correspond to some of the disorders we’re covering in class. You’ll enjoy reading them. The readings provide a “first-person account” of selected disorders that we’re covering in the course.… Continue reading Borderline Personality Disorder

Unipolar depression and bipolar depression

Hello Dr. VW and class. The symptoms between unipolar depression and bipolar depression are similar in that they are both disorders that cause major disruptions in a person’s life. The difference is the severity and the biological factors that are causing the disorders. Unipolar (major depressive disorder) is a prolonged time of feeling depressed without… Continue reading Unipolar depression and bipolar depression

Classifying Marine Life Goals Assignment

Exercise #6 – Page 1 of 3 (E6) Exercise #6: Classifying Marine Life Goals The purpose of this exercise is to practice classification of marine life in a variety of ways, including taxonomic classification, classifcation by habitat and mobility, and classificaiton by biozone. Further, you will explore adaptations of specific marine organisms for life in… Continue reading Classifying Marine Life Goals Assignment

Comparative Rhetoric Analysis Discussion

For this assignment, you will find two substantially argued articles on similar topics and decide which one you think is more convincing to its target audience, based on your analysis of the authors’ use of ethos, pathos, and logos, along with other rhetorical strategies. The articles you choose should be recently published and from well-known,… Continue reading Comparative Rhetoric Analysis Discussion

Research paper on cultural imperialism

Write a 8 pages paper on cultural imperialism. According to Bernd Hamm and Russell Smandych (2005) there are numerous reasons why this is so but these include the shrinking of the world into a global village due to technology, particularly the internet and other forms of information and communication technologies. the phenomenal growth and influence… Continue reading Research paper on cultural imperialism