Our Custom Paper Writing Service Guarantee


Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is one of our core priorities. How do we achieve customer satisfaction you ask?

  1. We do this by ensuring we hire only but the best and most qualified of essay writers. We have a team of passionate, skilled and experienced professional essay writers. We have ENL and ESL academic writers and you are able to choose which writer you want to write your paper.

    Our writers have bachelors, masters, PhD, and doctorate degrees in various degrees. We match the most qualified writer with your order requirements. This allows you to work with an experienced expert writer in your subject area and discipline.

  2. We have a quality assurance department which checks the paper for quality before submission. Our team of expert proofreaders and editors scrutinize the paper to ensure that it adheres to the customer’s instructions. They check for errors in spelling, writing style and grammar among many things. They ensure that the paper is flawless before submission.
  3. All papers have to go through a plagiarism-check. We provide our writers with powerful plagiarism tools which they use to check all papers they write for plagiarism. We double-check the same in the quality assurance department. We also use tools such as turn-it-in, Copyscape and Grammarly.
  4. We have an impeccable customer support team. Our outstanding customer support agents are able to help our customers with all questions they have. You can chat live with a customer support agent and they will take you through the ordering process and also update you on the progress of your order.

    The client is able to get rid of all anxieties and worries. Our customer support agents are not only helpful they are also polite and respectful.

  5. Our money back guarantee as explained above aims to increase customer satisfaction.
  6. Our free revisions guarantee as explained above also aims to increase customer satisfaction.



Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We have a 30 days money back guarantee. If the client is not satisfied with the paper on reasonable grounds then they can get their money back. The reasonable grounds where the client may get their money back include:


  • If the writer does not follow the instructions but chooses to deviate from them.
  • If the paper is plagiarized: we have a 0% plagiarism tolerance; you can rest assured that all papers we deliver are plagiarism free.
  • If the paper is not submitted with the set deadline.


Reasonable grounds must be established to get rid of scammers and streamline the refund process. One thing is sure; we are 100% transparent and fair when it comes to matters concerning refunds. Integrity drives us and we want the best for our customers, so we deal with such matters fairly and in a satisfying manner.



Free revisions guarantee

Free revisions guarantee

EssayWritingDealer provides free revisions to all customers. We provide free revisions upon request from the customer. We provide revisions within 14 days of submission of the order. The client is supposed to go through the paper and request for revision within 14 days.

We always advise our clients to put as much relevant information in the instructions area when ordering, in order to, avoid unnecessary revisions. Most revisions are as a result of clients not providing all information and resources and provide them after submission of the paper.

Revisions are provided by our writers free of charge but they should not be requested after the expiry of 14 days after submission of the paper.



Privacy and confidentiality guarantee

Privacy and confidentiality guarantee

EssayWritingDealer guarantees all its customers of 100% privacy and confidentiality. All information you submit to the website “EssayWritingDealer” is not shared with any third parties without your consent.

All the information about our clients is safe and secure. essaywritingdealer.com is encrypted and no third parties can hack your information and use it for malicious activities. We have invested heavily in security and our site has layers of security.

We prevent data loss and access to information by third parties. Your order is not published on our site. We ensure our customers have a safe and secure payment process. We collaborate with our hosting providers and Companies such as McAfee in order to boost our security.


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